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From bag to boat in seconds

From bag to boat in seconds! - It's easy to unfold and will transform from two bags into a rigid, fast and capable boat, that is just itching to get out on the water. For children, adults and even retirees, the Quickboat can be assembled in minutes. If you're really fast, it can be done in a minute or less with two people.

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Compact and easy to transport

The Quickboat is easy to get out and have fun in. Storage, no problem – just hang it on a garage wall and there’s no need for a trailer with licence and other maintenance costs. Just strap it to your roof rack and you’re away!

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Designed to put you in command with a smile on your face

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Super hinges

Design registrations cover not just the amazing look but also how the Quickboat “feels” with gunnel rails that fit your hand shape, seats that grip and flex to soften that wave entry and feet grip to enhance that “in command” sense along with the “click click” way the Quickboat comes together.

Rigid, fast and spacious

On the water, the Quickboat performs better than most rigid hull boats its size due to its light-weight and superior design.

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Click, Click, Click. Your Quickboat comes together in just 60 seconds. No nuts, screws, wires or wing nuts! Warning: It might take half an hour to get to the water with people wanting to see you do it again!

Technology breakthroughs

Developed by a team of industrial designers, composite engineers and boat users, the Quickboat is about removing the hassles and enhancing the good times. Patents on the hinge, power transfer and geometry of the Quickboat make the Quickboat exceptionally easy to assemble, is safe in chop and perform like no other in its class.

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